The Year of No Christmas Card

Despite the fact that we primped and prepared (and tortured ourselves) for a family photo card for Christmas, we will not be sending them out this year.  Our original timeline had us bringing Emi home in March, at the earliest.  While before Christmas still looks to be extremely unlikely, before March is almost certain.  So we've decided to wait until we have our WHOLE family together to make an official 'Christmas' card.  It might be spring before it gets done, but it will be done!

This morning I received an email telling me that the judge should have my completed documents by the end of this week, and I feel certain that she will make a first ruling then.  She can make a second (and final) ruling as soon as she sees fit, and then we get an appointment with AIT (American Institute of Taiwan).  So, assuming the judge acts quickly, it could be in the hands of AIT within then next week or so.  Please pray that our government works quickly to get her home to us.  Once its out of the hands of the judge (who has been working very hard to make things move much faster than expected), AIT is in complete control.  And I've heard 'things' about the process that make me a little anxious about the efficiency of this final step.

Now the obsessive email-checking has begun as I wait for the notice that Emi is a 'Wiest'.  But until then, we will stay diligent in prayer and enjoy our 'little' family of 5.  :)