We're Expecting!

We are indeed adding another little one to the family in the next few months; however, this time it will be a little different.  There won't be any ultrasounds or anticipation as we wait to find out if it's a boy or girl.  There won't be any sigh of relief as we count ten tiny fingers and ten perfect toes.  There won't be anyone claiming, "She looks just like you!" 

No hospital. 

No bottles. 

No baby.

OK...so maybe it will be VERY different.  Our fourth blessing is waiting for us half a world away in a Taiwanese orphanage where she has spent her entire 2 years of life, never knowing the love of a family of her own.  Only by the grace of God did she escape an almost certain fate.  In a country where the abortion rate outnumbers the live birth rate 3 to 1, an unwanted pregnancy coupled with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome is a death sentence. 

We know with this adoption announcement will come a combination of support and cynicism.  Many of you probably have several questions, and I can promise you we have thought about each of them at least a hundred times.  So lucky for you, we will be addressing them all in future posts :).

The purpose of this blog is simply to share our lives with you as we continue on the journey to bring our daughter home.  We hope to glorify God, not ourselves.  And we pray that by being transparent in our joys AND our sufferings, you will see we are far from perfect.  God is the author of this story, and we are blessed to be the ones who get to share it.