A Whole New Meaning to 'Happy Birthday'

In the midst of the chaos and yet another diagnosis (severe obstructive sleep apnea), we had the sweet opportunity to celebrate Emi's 3 years of life.  About 1 year ago this time, Emi was struggling to survive.  On ventilators, in heart failure and renal failure - her orphanage caretaker told me they thought she was going to die.  "But she's a fighter," she said.  And that she is - as evidenced by the epic battle that ensued today as 4 different phlebotomists at 2 different locations tried 6 different times to get a little vial of blood from her scrawny arms.  She is 23 lbs of pure crazy.  If we could take credit for her genetics, I'd say she got it honestly.  From her dad.

This past weekend we sang 'Happy Birthday' to a child that almost didn't see this birthday.  And most certainly wouldn't have seen her 5th or 6th birthday if God hadn't rescued her.  I had to choke back tears as I placed that little pink cake in front of her, knowing that this was so much more than a celebration of her birth.  This was a celebration of God's salvation!  His goodness, His sovereignty, and His promise to fight for her - His promise to fight for us.  

What a roller coaster these sixth months have been!  And I am so thankful for all of you that have come along side of us and are continuing to help carry us through the ups and downs of this journey.   

  'The LORD will fight for you.  You need only be still.'  Exodus 14:14