We're Going Back to Taiwan!

No, we're not adopting this time :).  I am so excited to be traveling back to Taiwan in January on a short-term mission trip with The Summit Church.  I am blessed to be going with a group of amazing ladies!  We will be volunteering in an orphanage and working with local missionaries to create a sponsorship program for a group of orphans known in Taiwan as "stateless, abandoned children".  Due to certain circumstances, these children are unadoptable and will spend the rest of their childhood as part of the social system never knowing the love of a family.  But God is moving mountains already!!  We've been approved to start the sponsorship program, but I believe that is just the beginning.  Please pray for us as we prepare to go.  We have a lot of money to raise and many things to accomplish before we travel. 

Being an all-female group gives us another unique ministry opportunity.  We will also be serving and ministering to a Bible Study group of Taiwanese women led by our Summit church planters in Taipei. Some are new believers, a few are non-believers, and all come from families that do not know Christ.  We are already corresponding with these ladies through email in hopes of building relationships before we meet face-to-face.  We will be praying for them over the next few months and expect God to do great things through these new friendships.

We have a few fundraisers coming up to help pay for the trip.  If you love Zaxby's (or even just like it a little bit :)) and you live near Holly Springs, come out and eat next Tuesday evening May 13th any time from 5-8pm.  Zaxby's will be donating 15% of total sales during those hours to our trip!!  Don't want to come in?  Drive-thru counts, too.  So skip Taco Tuesday and make it Zaxby's :)

Another fundraiser event that we are SUPER excited about is our Parent's Night Out!  It will be Saturday, June 14th from 5pm-9pm at Scotts Mill Clubhouse in Apex.  It is conveniently located right off I-540 and 2 miles from downtown Apex.  So whether you want to have a night out in Raleigh, Cary, or Apex, you will be within minutes of it all!  We will be staffed with several Summit Kids volunteers and medical personnel will be on site just for peace of mind.  Space is limited, so sign up here!  Cost will be $35/child and $25/sibling.  Cash is preferred, but we will also be accepting checks made out to The Summit Church with 'Taiwan 2' written in the notes section. We will love on your kids and provide dinner (pizza, drink & dessert), crafts, games, fun on the playground and more (maybe a rated G movie and popcorn if the weather isn't great)!  ALL profits will help fund our trip AND you get a kid-free night out.  It's a win-win :)

I'm working on a donation button for my blog, so hopefully I'll have that up and running soon for anyone who would like to donate online for our trip.  But more than anything, I covet your prayers.  Satan does not want us to fight for these invisible children.  He does not want us encouraging these women in their new faith nor speaking the Truth into the lives of non-believers.  But we KNOW God answers prayers.  He already has answered so many!!  So PLEASE pray for us.  Pray for these women and these orphans.  Pray for the hearts of government officials that have the power to grant these children citizenship that would make them adoptable!  God answers prayers - we have no reason to doubt He will hear and answer us.  So let's join together and lay our requests before Him!!

"Have faith in God.  Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be taken up and cast into the sea', and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him.  Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them and they will be granted you."  Matthew 11:22b-24