Dear Family and Friends,

First off, let me confess - fundraising is something I REALLY don't like to do.  Asking for help in any way has always been extremely difficult for me.  When I first decided to lead a short-term missions team back to Taiwan, I immediately started thinking of ways I could earn extra money to pay for the trip myself. Anything to avoid writing a support letter.  But through recent circumstances (and a very insightful husband), God has helped me to see that even more important than work and finances, a healthy dose of humility is needed to effectively minister to the nations. In the words of my husband: "Make sure you aren't just working your way to Taiwan.  Let God provide through's OK to need help".  That man - he knows my flaws so well AND loves me still. God bless him.  So here I am, asking for you to prayerfully consider what you can do to help us get back to Taiwan.  I have $1500 left to raise for myself, and any extra will go towards my team and our church planters in Taipei.  I'd love to raise above and beyond what I need so we can bless Harmony Home as well!!  The need there is SO great.

Welp, technically I've avoided a support letter by writing a support blog.  :)  But seriously - I do need you to partner with me to reach these women and children, and I want your support as we prepare to go.  We have such a unique opportunity as an all-female group to minister to orphans and women in their distress unlike any team that has gone before us, and I'd love for you to be a part of it.

Most of our time and effort while in Taipei will be focused on Harmony Home, an orphanage serving expectant and homeless mothers, adoptable children of all ages, as well as a group of little ones known as 'stateless abandoned children' - kids that cannot be adopted.  They will be part of the social system until they age out, many entering the home as newborn infants and spending their entire childhood in an institution.  I know what you're thinking...why in the WORLD are they not adoptable?  Well, from my understanding, they are babies that have birth parents of different nationalities, and neither country will grant them citizenship.  So without papers, they just reside in this Taiwanese orphanage as aliens with basically no identity until they are old enough to be on their own.  And that's what they'll be - completely on their own.  No family. No support. No leadership or guidance.  It's just heart-breaking and downright ridiculous in my opinion.  When I learned of this situation, my mind started spinning with ideas, one of which was a sponsorship program for these invisible children.  While we can't march into Taiwan and change the law (although I am praying about an opportunity to speak to a judge while we are there), we can offer these children some sense of belonging and show them the love of Christ as they grow up in less than ideal circumstances.  So as we prepare to go in January, our missionary friends living in Taipei are getting the ball rolling on this sponsorship program. They recently met with the director of Harmony Home who is in full support of the program (a HUGE praise)!  We will soon have pictures and bios of these children and the ability to send gifts, letters and financial support to encourage them and give them the hope they so desperately need.  On a bigger scale, there's even talk of trying to organize a foster care system among Taiwanese Christians.  You guys - God is moving MOUNTAINS and he's allowing us to be a part of it!!  While many of our activities in Taiwan will be somewhat basic - cleaning/organizing the orphanage, ministering and serving the women, caring for the children, blessing the caregivers - our vision is much more long-term. When we leave Taiwan, we will continue supporting the work we started with the help of the Summit Church planters permanently living in country.  We will not stop advocating for these children and will will continue praying for the government leaders' hearts to be changed.

Thank you for your prayers and your support - not just for this trip, but for the past year and a half as we've followed God's call to adopt from Taiwan.  Just for fun (and maybe some tears), here is the video recap of our first trip to Taipei - the week my heart (and our family) was forever changed. :) 



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