What can I say?  He's a stud.  And he knows it.  He joined our family over 3 weeks early and came out a fighter.  Fighting to breathe, fighting to he's just one tough kid.  No one would ever know of his rocky start based on his appearance; he's more like a line-backer than a preemie.  We get lots of "WHO does he look like??" when we go out as a family, because he does not favor me nor Chris.  I credit my mom's side of the family for his adorableness.  One thing that sets Luke apart is that he is equally sensitive as he is stubborn.  He falls apart when corrected, but he will continue doing whatever it is he was disciplined for, just to make a point.  He's recently discovered the joy in apologizing and he revels in the praise he gets when he shares.  He works tirelessly and persistently to get what he wants. He loves to dance, jump, climb, wrestle, and most of all -- EAT.  He's a man of few words, but his baby blues say it all :).