Gosh, I just love him.  Not more than my other kids or anything, it's just a sweeter love because he has been by FAR the most challenging.  Anyone who's known Caleb since he was born will tell you he was perfection.  Never cried.  Never whined.  Slept when he was supposed to.  And then he turned 10 months old.  Since then, he has tested every boundary known to man.  Disciplining him at times can feel fruitless.  I often find myself thinking, "WHAT in the WORLD possessed you to do this (again, and again, and again), son?"  Caleb is the definition of stubborn.  He may be my hardest nut to crack, but man, he loves like no one else.  He welcomes a kiss (or several), and he's the first to say a random, "I just love you, Mommy."  He is unique in that he is grateful for simple things.  He thanks me for washing his underwear and fixing him lunch.  I'm telling you...his wife is going to be one lucky woman!  He is HILARIOUS and very, very smart.  He has a photographic memory that enables him to remember pretty much anything he sees.  He would destroy any grown man in a game of Star Wars trivia :).  He's the spitting image of his Daddy and he has all the qualities that will some day make a great man.  He has a special relationship with Chris that I will never be able to compete with...they understand each other VERY WELL ;).