Jenna Grace


Jenna is our first blessing, making us parents in 2007.  Her name means 'sweet', and that she is.  She seeks affirmation and gets genuine joy out of helping others.  She's our guarded one,  and although she loves cautiously, she loves fiercely.  Her repentant heart seeks forgiveness for even the smallest wrong-doing, and she is quick to offer that same forgiveness to those who've hurt her.  One of her greatest challenges is going to be learning to control her emotions and convey them appropriately. She loves to be the best at what she does, and losing is NOT acceptable to her.  And she's a stickler for the rules.  So family game night can be a very dramatic event for us -- full of 'teachable moments.' :) God is doing great things in her heart.  She is SUCH a joy and a pleasure to love!